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Csi: The Experience

CSI: The Experience

CSI: The Experience is an exciting adventure for anyone who has dreamt of being a crime scene investigator but whose dreams have never come to fruition.

This experience is a call out for all investigation wannabes to see if you have what it takes to solve a mystery.

CSI: The Experience, Ticket Prices, Passes & Opening Hours, Las Vegas

The CSI: The Experience was inspired by the popular TV series, CSI: Crime Scene investigation. The exhibition incorporates forensic science and technology for this unique experience.

On arrival, the session typically starts with a video briefing. An investigation by participants begins in any of three crime scenes: a hotel alley, a remote region in the desert, and a suburban setting where a car crashes through a living room. In these crime settings, participants are required to identify and collect evidence.

This is usually followed by analyzing the material using advanced technology before a hypothetical assessment is formed about the crime. There are two crime labs in addition to an autopsy room, which allows visitors to use scientific techniques for evidence analysis. What’s more, there is the ability to collect digital evidence, such as with the use of mobile phones and electronics.

CSI: The Experience is a lifetime opportunity and one of the most exciting ways to enjoy Las Vegas. Guided by videos from some members of the show’s cast and even more experienced forensic scientists, this is the place for you to carry out real-life tests.

To enjoy the experience, make your way to the Studio Walk located inside the MGM Grand. Different packages are available, and there is the option of combining admission to the various attractions within the MGM Resorts. Perfect for a family adventure with grown kids, this experience is open to adults and kids above 12 years (kids must be accompanied by an adult).

For anyone planning on taking up the challenge, a graphic content advisory is given. CSI: The Experience is open daily between 10am and 7pm, and bookings can be made online. Groups of more than 15 require a reservation.

So treat your inner investigator to this exciting adventure at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas!

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What are the CSI: The Experience opening hours?
What are the CSI: The Experience entry prices?
Adults (12yrs+): $31.50
Children (4-11yrs): $24.50

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