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The Miss Behave Gameshow
The Miss Behave Gameshow

The Miss Behave Gameshow

The Miss Behave Gameshow combines the best of a game show, discotheque night out, and uninhibited mischief, making it one of the city’s most popular shows.

The show is hosted by Amy Saunders, better known as ‘Miss Behave.’ Saunders is a prolific entertainer whose unique approach to the show has earned her fans worldwide.

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Fondly referred to as the Queen of Cabaret, the award-winning host has had several appearances on different TV shows, and now brings her raucous show to Las Vegas. Her engagement with the audiences allows guests to show their competitive side in a truly fun Vegas style.

The show begins with Miss Behave getting the audience to divide into two for a sequence of thrilling games. The challenges vary, with an ever-dynamic approach so that no two shows are the same. The hilariously punny games are enjoyable, largely due to their anything-goes vibe.

Some of the noteworthy games include the simple ‘Shout Quietest’ and the out-of-the-box ‘Candy Crush.’ For music lovers, the ‘name-the-song’ segment is rather popular. During this game, a tune is played, and audience members are required to identify the song. After identifying the song, audience members get the opportunity to join in the karaoke, which goes on long after Miss Behave has turned off the sound.

Other interesting phone games include the ‘Dial My Number Quickest,’ ‘Porn I’ll Admit To,’ and ‘Laid Lottery,’ among others. The resultant setting is a chaotic but witty show that centers on audience engagement, making it ideal even for reserved guests. There is no better place to enjoy one of the city’s most immersive shows than at The Miss Behave Gameshow.

The show is held at Bally’s Las Vegas in the Back Room, a small but intimate setting that adds to the memorable adventure. The 90-minute show runs from Wednesday to Sunday, from 8pm. Owing to some of its adult content, the show is age restricted for guests 21 years and over.

Ticket options available include the General Audience and VIP seating. Group reservations for The Miss Behave Gameshow are also provided for groups of 10 or more.

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Bally's Las Vegas Hotel and Casino 3645 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

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