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Red Rock is one of Clark County’s unincorporated communities and is best known for the iconic Red Rock Canyon.

Its proximity to the Canyon makes it worth the while for outdoor lovers looking for adventure in the region.

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The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area occupies close to 200,000 acres of land within the Mojave Desert. The area has long been a popular point of interest, thanks to its diverse geologic features and its incredible natural beauty.

The Red Rock Canyon is a popular attraction about 15 miles from Las Vegas. The canyon’s views can easily be seen from the Las Vegas Strip, thanks to its characteristic red rock formations. With cliffs that are more than 3,000 feet high, the canyon is an incredible rock climbing and hiking destination.

The Keystone Thrust is a 2.4-mile hiking trail that is loved for its vibrantly colored limestone and sandstone formations. This trail is moderately difficult and takes about 1.5 hours for hikers to get through. If you are up for it, head to Turtlehead Peak, which is a strenuous five-hour hike over a 4.6-mile-long trail. Hikers are rewarded with the sweeping views of the canyon at the peak.

The La Madre Spring is an invigorating hike that takes the old route up the canyon. The 3.6-mile trail is characterized by spectacular red and white sandstone cliffs on one side of the trail. The opposite side of the trail lies in sharp contrast with its gray limestone mountain slopes. The La Madre Spring is also an ideal spot for wildlife watching.

The Lost Creek Canyon Trail and Children’s Discovery Trail is a unique trail that caters to visitors of all ages. It is a self-guided trail that introduces its visitors to the geographical features of the Mojave Desert. The panels include information such as lessons on life in the desert, helpful pictures, and the different flora and fauna. This is an easy trail and is ideal for children to explore the Red Rock Canyon.

The Red Rock Conservation Area also has a fully equipped and interpretive visitor’s center, indoor and outdoor exhibits, as well as a gift shop to get a souvenir to remind yourself if your time in Red Rock.

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