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Big Shot At The Strat

Big Shot at the STRAT

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The Big Shot at the STRAT is a thrill ride that best captures the adventure that Las Vegas offers. The location on the top of the STRAT tower embodies the adventure that awaits you.

It is one thing to dream about being an astronaut, but it is a different thing to feel like you in the rocket itself – this is what the Big Shot is all about!

Big Shot at the STRAT, Ride Prices & Hours, Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas

As mentioned, the Big Shot is located at the top of The Strat Hotel, Casino, and Skypod (previously known the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower), and this marks where the thrill officially begins. Accommodating up to 12 people at once, the ride catapults riders from the 921-foot high platform up the SkyPod’s mast to a height of 1,081 feet and down again, at speeds of 45 miles per hour and taking about 2.5 seconds to reach the top. This goes by so fast that most visitors admit that it feels as though they will shoot right off into the sky.

One of the highlights of the Big Shot experience is the weightlessness that accompanies the ride. With 4Gs of force, this ride almost forces you to float in your chair! Thankfully, there are restraints to fasten you in position.

Once the screaming stops, you are immediately ushered into a sense of awe as you are rewarded with excellent views of Las Vegas and the surrounding landscape. So, whether you would like to spot your favorite hotel, pinpoint your preferred club or even identify some key landmarks, this ride is an exceptional opportunity to enjoy all these.

The return ride is far more calming than the launch, maybe as a way for visitors to reflect on the unique adventure they just experienced. What follows after the drop is the chance to let off some steam by launching up and down the mast again.

The Big Shot at the STRAT is located at the north end of the Las Vegas Strip .

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What is the Big Shot at the STRAT address?
The STRAT Hotel, Casino & Skypod
2000 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

Please visit our website for more information on the Big Shot at the STRAT.
What are the Big Shot at the STRAT opening hours?
What are the Big Shot at the STRAT entry prices?
One Thrill Ride + SkyPod Admission: $29
Unlimited Ride Pass + SkyPod Admission: $43.95

Please visit our website for more information on the Big Shot at the STRAT.
What is the Big Shot at the STRAT phone number?
What is the Big Shot at the STRAT email address?

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