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Nature attractions in Las Vegas are a popular option for nature lovers who would want to step away from the glitz of the neon-lit city and enjoy the fresh air.

Contrary to popular belief, Las Vegas is home to some of the best natural wonders in the region.

Las Vegas Nature Attractions, Parks, Reserves, Trails, Hikes & Walks Map

Escape to Lake Mead and enjoy the serenity of one of the largest manmade lakes in the world. Perfect for a day trip, the lake has lots of activities to indulge in. From kayaking to jet skiing, boating, and swimming, there are many fun recreational activities to enjoy. The lake is located in the Lake Mead Conservation Area, and this makes it a popular spot for hiking and nature walks with excellent views of the iconic Hoover Dam.

The lake’s proximity to the dam means that you can always plan a single trip for the two attractions. Hoover Dam is an engineering marvel that has wowed visitors over the years.

Visit Mount Charleston and discover pockets of green in the expansive desert landscape. Before hitting the nature trails, drop by the interactive visitor center and learn facts about the region. The mountain is also a perfect destination for overnight camping, with a lodge on location to cater for those who would love some bit of comfort in the wild.

Red Rock Canyon is one of the city’s hidden gems. Pack your hiking shoes, camera, and camping supplies and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. If you do not want to go all out on the mountain’s rugged landscape, then sign up for the horse rides to go off the beaten path. Alternatively, ride an ATV and enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with the ride.

The Valley of Fire, aptly named for its fiery views, has some of the most ancient rocks whose breathtaking views make it an idyllic outdoor destination.

Other nature attractions close to Las Vegas include the Joshua Tree National Park, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, as well as the iconic Grand Canyon.

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Las Vegas, NV

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Lake Mead

Lake Mead

Boulder City, NV
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Lake Mead is one of the most scenic outdoor attractions near Las Vegas in Boulder City – roughly a 40-minute drive away from the Strip. For a city that is known for its buzzing nightlife, magical resorts and...

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Red Rock State Park

Red Rock State Park

Sedona, AZ
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