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Mount Charleston
Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston is an idyllic escape away from the bustling glamour of the pulsating city of Las Vegas. Granted, this city is bursting at the seams with entertainment options for its visitors, but sometimes, the sweltering heat of summer does get out of control.

There is no better way to cool off than to explore and appreciate the scenic beauty of Mount Charleston.

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When you think of a mountain adventure, picture the fresh mountain breeze, the crisp air, and the picturesque natural beauty. This mountain makes up part of the Toiyabe National Forest and the Spring Mountain Range, with an elevation of up to 12,000 feet.

For the nature lover, nothing beats the diversity of the flora and fauna that abounds on the mountain, with popular trees including the mountain mahogany, Aspen, and the Juniper. If you look closer, you will spot the Ponderosa Pine tree too. Some of the animals you are likely to encounter include the desert tortoises, deer, and the beautifully colored songbirds. Walking through the mountain creates the illusion that Las Vegas’ is a distant memory, making it perfect for a day trip away.

For hikers looking to get away to Mount Charleston, there are many hiking trails to choose from, which in total, measure 52 miles. For newbies, the popular Mary Jane Falls Trail is the perfect place to begin and features a cave and a seasonal waterfall with great photo opportunities. It is also child-friendly and spans just two miles.

Fletcher Canyon is yet another easy hiking trail. Hikers are treated to towering rock walls that are as high as 100 feet, so get your adventurous cap on and set out to enjoy a day in the natural outdoors.

Experienced hikers will enjoy the Cathedral Rock and Big Falls walking trails. Big falls are aptly named because it features a 100-foot waterfall, while Cathedral Rock stands out for its breathtaking views. Other hiking trails include the Charleston Peak Trail and the Bonanza Peak Trail. The Cathedral Picnic Area is also worth checking out.

Accommodation is available at the Mount Charleston Lodge for visitors who would like to enjoy the natural outdoors without giving up the modern hotel comforts.

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What is the Mount Charleston address?
What are the Mount Charleston opening hours?
Open 24 Hours

Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway
Mon - Sun: 9am - 4pm

Trails and Campgrounds are open 24 hours unless closed for seasonal or emergency conditions

Parking and Snow Play Areas:
- Foxtail Group Picnic Area (Closed)
- Old Mill Picnic Area (Closed)
- Kyle Canyon Picnic Area (Closed
- Sawmill Picnic Area (Closed)
- Deer Creek Picnic Area (Restrooms are closed)

Please visit our website for more information on the Mount Charleston.
What are the Mount Charleston entry prices?
Fees vary depending on the campsite / picnic area / trail

Please visit our website for more information on the Mount Charleston.
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