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Las Vegas Cruises

Las Vegas boat cruises are a wonderful way to experience the enchanting beauty that the area has to offer.

These inspiring cruises not only allow visitors to explore the region’s top attractions, but they are also a befitting way to spend time with family and friends.

Las Vegas Cruises, Lake Mead & Grand Canyon Boat Tours & Kayaks

One of the most popular places to enjoy a cruise is Lake Mead. With many different packages to choose from, it is easy to see why this is the ultimate cruise destination. Get onboard the boat and head out on an unforgettable cruise on the lake.

This cruise provides excellent views of the Hoover Dam in the distance, with great photo opportunities. You may also opt to enjoy lunch onboard for a memorable experience. There are many different operators who offer cruises on Lake Mead, making it easy for visitors to plan their tours.

It is impossible to talk about cruises in Las Vegas without highlighting the adventure of the gorgeous Colorado River. One of the most exciting aspects of Colorado River cruises is that they offer the chance of a lifetime to experience panoramic views of the Grand Canyon.

Taking the river cruises also offers a glimpse into the years gone by before the construction of the Hoover Dam. In those years, the river’s wild waters carried the tiny steamboats that provided a link for the communities along the river’s course. This, however, was not a walk in the park as the untamed river always posed the risk of capsizing with its characteristic white-water rapids.

The building of the Hoover Dam allowed for the taming of the river’s waters, making it possible for visitors to enjoy scenic cruises today. With accompanying audio narrations, it is easy to see why these cruises are a must-enjoy while in Las Vegas.

While exploring the options for Las Vegas cruises, it is fascinating to learn that the Desert Princess is the biggest cruise boat on both Lake Mead and the Colorado River. With a capacity of 275 passengers and ten crew members, the triple-decked boat is a perfect option for a midday cruise. It is also ideal for romantic cruises, special events, and scenic cruises.

Las Vegas Jet Skiing

Las Vegas Jet Skiing

Many Jet Skiing Sessions Available, All Around Las Vegas
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Grand Canyon Boat Tours

Grand Canyon Boat Tours

Many Grand Canyon Boat Tours, Originating From Las Vegas
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Las Vegas Boat Tours

Las Vegas Boat Tours

Many Boat Tours Available, All Around Las Vegas
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