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Las Vegas Boat Tours

Las Vegas Boat Tours

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Las Vegas boat Tours are an idyllic way to explore some of the natural waterways located near the city. Take a break from the parties and gambling, and head out for the day to visit these scenic attractions.

There are many options available for boat tours, so simply choose an attraction you would love to visit and narrow down your options.

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Start at the Hoover Dam, which is one of the most popular attractions close to Las Vegas. Take a tour of this grand feat of engineering and explore the inspection tunnels at the center of the dam and ride the original elevator to the top. Pass by the visitor’s center and learn more about the dam’s functioning and historic past. After this, take a 90-minute boat tour on Lake Mead. This package is inclusive of deli-style lunch before returning to Las Vegas.

One of the most popular ways to enjoy a boat tour is to go on a Lake Mead Dinner Cruise. Spend a beautiful evening on Lake Mead and marvel at the enchanting beauty of the tranquil lake as you indulge in a three-course meal. Other highlights of this boat tour include a stopover at the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign, a complimentary glass of wine, and plenty of spectacular views.

Enjoy a Colorado Boat tour when you take the half-day tour that combines a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon with a beautiful cruise on the majestic river. You will fly to the canyon’s West Rim, enjoy a champagne picnic before taking the boat ride along the river.

So make a booking today and enjoy some of the boat tours Las Vegas has to offer.

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