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Nellis Air Force Base
Nellis Air Force Base

Nellis Air Force Base

The Nellis Air Force Base, often referred to as simply ‘Nellis,’ is a US Air force installation located in the southern part of Nevada.

The base was previously known as the ‘Las Vegas Army Air Field’ back in 1941 before it was given its present name in 1950.

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The Nellis Air Force Base (abbreviated AFB) is home to training schools and venues whose aim is to and equip the force with skills and the latest technology in combat training. This is often carried out with help from the Army, Navy, and the Marine Corps.

Nellis covers more than 11,000 acres within the Las Vegas Valley and has three distinct areas, referred to as I, II, and III. The following locations are spread across the three areas: the airfield, a designated area for the census, a post office, as well as the Community College of Southern Nevada.

Area I features the airfield and recreational facilities. The airfield features two runways and ramp space with a capacity of up to 300 aircraft. Other facilities in this area include military dormitories and support structures for the army.

Area II is home to the Nellis Gun Club, while Area III includes the industrial areas, administration section, housing for the military families, igloos, and storage space for Recreational Vehicles (RVs). This area also has remnants of the Second World War with a storage facility that was used to keep small arms ammunition, more significant armaments, as well as two buildings from the era of the war.

Visitors to the Nellis Air Force Base also have the chance to explore the Welcome and Visitors Center. Nellis is also home to the Thunderbirds Museum located at the Thunderbirds hangar. The museum is open on all weekdays, excluding holidays. A visit to the museum is the perfect opportunity to see the stunning thunderbirds aircraft static display. To visit the museum, visitors need to have installation access or get sponsored by someone who has this kind of access.

The Nellis Air Force Base is easily accessible from McCarran International Airport in Paradise and remains open to the general public with restrictions.

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