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Boulder City

Boulder City

Boulder City is an iconic city located in Clark County – about 24 miles and a 35-minute drive away from the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

This popular city is known for being one of only two cities in Nevada where gambling is prohibited, making it an ideal destination for traveling families.

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The city has its origins in the Great Depression-era when it served as the home town for some of the construction workers at the nearby Hoover Dam. This rich history is evident in many of the city’s original structures and points of interest, which have, over the years, been preserved to maintain their integrity.

One such structure is the Boulder Dam Hotel, which is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places. The inn was built in 1933 to provide accommodation for tourists exploring the area during the Hoover Dam construction. Today, the hotel has a museum and full-service restaurant. Word also has it that the hotel is haunted, making it an ideal location for ghost hunters.

It is impossible to talk about Boulder City without mentioning Hoover Dam. The dam’s construction began in 1931 and was completed five years later. It was initially referred to as the Boulder Dam, but this was changed 11 years after it was built in honor of President Hoover.

The Historic Boulder Theatre is a must-visit while in Boulder city. This venue served as a pit stop for travelers looking for a place to rest from the sweltering desert heat. Originally built to be a movie theater, the facility was later sold and converted to host the Boulder City Ballet Company.

Hemenway Park is one of the most popular attractions, and for a good reason – the desert bighorn sheep that the park is known for. Visitors get the chance of a lifetime to unwind or enjoy a picnic at the park as the sheep graze nearby. From the park, visitors also get magnificent views of Lake Mead in the distance.

Boulder city is a fascinating place to visit, with its natural and historic attraction giving visitors a glimpse of its sights and sounds. Click on the links below to explore a range of hotels, resorts, rooms, and casinos in and around Boulder City, NV.

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