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Hemenway Park

Hemenway Park

Hemenway Park is a beautiful getaway for anyone who wants to enjoy some serenity, away from the Vegas’ neon lights and endless parties.

At first glance, the 10-acre park may not look like much, except for a grassy patch that lies close to Lake Mead.

Hemenway Park, Bighorn Sheep, Tennis & Basketball Courts, Boulder City

However, when you get a bit closer, you get to appreciate the stunning beauty of this park alongside its numerous amenities that make it ideal for visitors. Let the children wander off and enjoy running around the playground, with equipment keeping the little ones busy as the adults enjoy some serenity from the gazebos.

The park also features several picnic shelters, so why not carry some snacks and enjoy the outdoors with the whole family? Sports lovers will appreciate the availability of a softball field and two illuminated tennis courts. The horseshoe pits are also popular with visitors.

One of the main attractions at the park is the herd of Bighorn Sheep that come to graze at the park, having left the mountains to search for food and water. The wide-eyed, arc-horned sheep are a welcome sight as they seek refuge from the vast desert.

The sheep have been coming to the park for decades now, and during summer, as many as a hundred fill the park’s grounds. This is an amazing part of the park because it allows visitors to sit up just a few meters from the big-horned sheep and observe them in their natural element – munching and munching, only to look up and meet with your gaze. It is interesting to note that this an interaction that you are unlikely to get in the wild.

This is an experience that is as exciting as it is intimidating, but one which you should certainly enjoy. While you’re at it, make sure to take in the lovely views of Lake Mead in the distance.

The park is located on Ville Drive in Boulder City. So make a plan to visit with the kids and enjoy some wholesome fun for the whole family – just a short 30-minute drive from Las Vegas.

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