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Grand Canyon Boat Tours

Grand Canyon Boat Tours

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Grand Canyon boat tours are an exciting way to explore the grandiosity and experience the stunning beauty of the Grand Canyon National Park.

As one of the world’s most incredible natural wonders, a trip to Las Vegas would be incomplete without visiting the canyon.

Grand Canyon Boat Tours, Jetboat & River Pontoon Price From Las Vegas

The reason why boat tours are so incredible is that they allow you to explore the towering rocks and marvel at the geological processes that have taken place over the years. As a matter of fact, geologists can study the history of the canyon by simply surveying its rocks. The flow of the Colorado River through the canyon is what makes the boat tours possible.

Typically, these boat tours range from day sightseeing trips to as long as a week of water rafting adventures that are inclusive of meals, transfers, and any gear. When choosing a boat tour, there are two options: motorized and non-motorized boats. Non-motorized boats are perfect when you want to explore the canyon at the pace of the river’s waters.

One the other hand, motorized boats are ideal for visitors who like to move up and about on the boat, taking photographs and having a good time. Additionally, riders may choose to go whitewater rafting or opt for the smoother sections on the river for either single-day or multiple-day trips. Note that the latter tend to be more expensive and require planning ahead of time.

A good place to begin a Grand Canyon boat tour would be with Colorado River discovery. Sign up for the half-day raft tours, which begin with a trip down the Glen Canyon access tunnel at a leisurely pace. Your guide will explain the history of the river, and you may be able to spot different wildlife species.

Take on the Western River Expeditions for multiple-day boat tours aboard motorized boats for the adventure of a lifetime. These tours will typically cover either the upper part or the lower part of the Grand Canyon.

Other Grand Canyon boat tour companies that you can book with include Canyon Expeditions and Outdoors Unlimited.

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