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Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston is a town in Nevada, named after the nearby Mount Charleston. The mountain peak marks the highest point in the town.

This is further emphasized by the fact that the town is located in the valley of the Spring Mountains.

Mount Charleston Hotels, Cabins, Lodges, Camping & Ski Resort, Nevada

The town’s elevation at about 7500 feet above sea level means that its temperatures are significantly lower than most parts of Nevada, and most notably, Las Vegas. This makes it a popular vacation spot in the region and explains in part why the area is fondly referred to as a vacation village.

The town is a favorite destination for outdoor recreational activities near the mountain. Mount Charleston is a thrilling getaway and one that remains open and accessible all year long. The mountain’s hiking trails provide every reason to explore the outdoors.

The Mary Jane Falls Trail is perfect for beginners looking to escape Las Vegas. This trail is also popular, thanks to its seasonal waterfall and cave that add to its allure. The Fletcher Canyon Trail is also worth the adventure. For seasoned hikers, the Cathedral Rock and Big Falls are excellent choices with some of the mountain’s best views.

Picnicking is also a popular activity in the area, with more than 150 picnic sites across the area. Camping grounds and RV spaces are also available for those looking for accommodation in the wild. The Dolomite camping site is a preferred option as it has many amenities and relatively lower temperatures compared to other camping sites.

Away from the wild, visitors also get the opportunity to enjoy cozy accommodation at the Mount Charleston Lodge. This lodge offers the best of both worlds in its cabins, and the restaurant is also an idyllic spot to enjoy a meal while overlooking Kyle Canyon. Keep warm with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate when temperatures drop.

Adventure lovers may also enjoy the snow season with skiing and snowboarding at the Lee Canyon Ski and Snowboard Resort tucked away in Lee Canyon. As one of the best places to enjoy winter, Mount Charleston offers an exciting getaway away from the neon lights of Las Vegas.

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