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Antelope Canyon

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Antelope Canyon is the name given to a slot canyon located in America’s Southwest, in the northern part of Arizona. This spectacular natural formation consists of two distinct and separate sections with some of the most incredible views.

The two are the Upper Antelope Canyon (also known as ‘The Crack’) and the Lower Antelope Canyon (sometimes referred to as ‘The Corkscrew’).

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History has it that the canyon was formed as a result of erosion of the iconic Navajo Sandstone, mainly due to the effects of flash flooding. The rainwater runs into the basin section, which is higher than the canyon sections. As the water comes down, it increases in speed and dislodges the sand in the passageways.

Over considerable time, this repetitive action erodes the passageways, resulting in deep, smooth edges. The result is the stunning and seemingly fluid shapes cast on the rock. As expected, the canyon is a popular tourist attraction and a famous destination for photographers and nature enthusiasts.

In light of this, many travel companies offer tours to Antelope Canyon. The upper section of the canyon is the most frequented as its entrance is easily accessible on the ground. What’s more, its length is also on the ground, making it ideal for those with a minimal fitness level. Additionally, the upper section is preferred because it has beams of direct sunlight that strike the canyon from above, making for a magical setting. Note, however, that these beams typically occur during summer when the sun is high up in the sky.

The Lower Antelope Canyon is located a few kilometers from the upper part of the canyon. This section is less popular as it requires a moderate level of fitness to climb and get around the canyon. Before the metal stairways were installed, visitors would have to climb up and down ladders. Even with the presence of the stairs, the lower canyon is far more challenging to hike than the upper section.

For the lower Antelope Canyon, specific photography tours are offered, and photographers are required to carry a tripod for these tours. Whether you are a casual sight-seer or are an outdoor photographer looking to see something very different, Antelope Canyon will capture your imagination in incredible ways.

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