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Mojave National Preserve
Mojave National Preserve

Mojave National Preserve

The Mojave National Preserve (commonly known as the Mojave Desert) is one of the highlights of a visit to Las Vegas, in part because its stunning landscape is a far cry from the glitzy party scene that the city is best known for.

At first glance, the desert looks like a desolate place that is characterized by soaring daytime temperatures.

Mojave National Preserve, Desert Hiking Trails, Camping, Facts, & Map

A closer look at this landscape reveals its majestic beauty for outdoor lovers who are keen on discovering its amazing features. One of the most outstanding features is the presence of blooming flowers that emerge from the desert plants – a strange form of beauty in the most unlikely of places.

Look out for the silhouette of the Joshua trees as the sun sets on the horizon. These trees earned their name from their appearance, which looks like the Biblical Joshua’s arms held up in prayer. The evening sky bursts with hues of purple and crimson, as the sun makes its way to mark the end of another day. That is not all there is to the Mojave Desert, as there are many outdoor activities to indulge in.

For hikers who enjoy the desert’s rugged landscape, there is no shortage of trails to explore. Start with the Rings Loop Trail located within the Mojave National Preserve. This is an outstanding trail because it features unique rock formations and an array of petroglyphs – all of which continue to fascinate history buffs. Note that summer temperatures can be extremely high, so prepare accordingly.

The Barber Peak Loop is also an ideal place for hiking, and one of the finest ways to experience the Mojave Desert. This loop encircles the Barber Peak, with stunning views of the intricate rock formations. The loop covers a total of 6 miles, with sections of dry rocks and minimal vegetation.

For camping lovers, nothing compares to the Twin Tanks Backcountry campsites. These campsites are easy to access, but have no amenities or water, so visitors must keep that in mind.

Other fun activities to enjoy at the Mojave Desert include hiking the Arch Rock Nature Trail, visiting the Desert Studies Center, as well as exploring the Alpine Butte Wildlife Sanctuary.

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