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Mystic Hot Springs
Mystic Hot Springs

Mystic Hot Springs

The Mystic Hot Springs is a set of natural hot springs tucked away in Monroe, Utah.

The springs, which are a naturally occurring phenomenon whose waters have been flowing for centuries, were harnessed to create bathtubs and provide visitors with the chance of a lifetime to experience nature in an authentic environment.

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The present state of the hot springs is the brainchild of self-described artist, Mike Ginsburg. Back in 1995, Ginsburg was en route from Las Vegas to Denver when he came across the Mystic Hot Springs site. On realizing that the springs had the untapped potential to attract visitors and offer them this unique experience, Ginsburg purchased the resort in 1996. He has since managed to enhance the property with the addition of soaking areas, cabins, and unique entertainment.

Soaking in the bathtubs is a popular fun-filled activity, with the water seeping out of the ground at approximately 167 degrees Fahrenheit (75 degrees Celsius). It then flows through a channel where it undergoes cooling, before being spread to the two concrete pools and eight bathtubs on site.

Here, the water’s temperatures range between 37 and 43 degrees Celsius. The 7th and 8th bathtubs, however, are the hottest and are preferred for visitors who would like to relax aching muscles and get rid of bodily tension. The incredible views from the tubs make this experience quite idyllic. Meteor showers can also be seen, and nothing compares to the beauty of the moon rising behind the towering mountains.

The kids are not left behind as the shallow pool has a suitable depth of just about three feet, making it ideal for splashing and having fun in the water.

After a soothing soak and an invigorating massage, you may explore everything else the Mystic Hot Springs of Monroe has to offer. When the water exits the pools and tubs, it is channeled to the tropical fish ponds down below. Look out for exotic fish species such as the African cichlids, Koi, and Mollies.

Camping accommodation is available, with a campsite located adjacent to the trailer court, and it includes 32 RV sites – fully equipped with hookups.

A tranquil getaway, the hot springs are a must-visit when touring Utah.

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Soaking Passes
Adult: $25
Child (12yrs and Under): $12.50

The Mindful Mystic Massage
75 mins: $100
90 mins: $135
120 mins: $180

Hypnotherapy Session
120 mins: $200
180 mins: $265

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