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Seven Magic Mountains
Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains

The Seven Magic Mountains refer to a large-scale public work of art located in the vast desert south of Las Vegas.

The art consists of large boulders stacked on top of one another to resemble the hoodoos that dot the landscape.

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The Seven Magic Mountains were created by renowned Swiss artist, Ugo Rondinone, who sought to combine nature’s elements with the art of rock balancing to create an evocative art installation within the Ivanpah Valley. The piece was installed in 2016 and was meant to be on view for two years from its installation date. After an extension from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the installation will remain on-site through to the end of 2021.

A closer look at the installation reveals seven towering sculptures, all of which are bursting with color. Combining the best of the desert landscape views with vibrant colors adds a human form to the Valley. When setting up the installation, Ugo sourced local limestone boulders and transformed them by adding fluorescent colors.

Each stone in each tower has a different color from the other, with between three and six boulders for each sculpture. At between 30 and 35 feet high, the Seven Magic Mountains are easily visible from a distance. The artwork pays homage to the field of Land Art while creating continuity between the natural outdoors and the human presence.

The art installation is quite popular, especially with visitors touring Nevada. It is located just about 10 miles away from the intersection of St Rose Parkway and the Las Vegas Boulevard and is also accessible using Interstate-15. There is a gravel parking lot in the middle of the valley, and it is not uncommon to find visitors taking photos among the totems. Early mornings are perfect for visitors who do not like crowds.

With nothing but the striking boulders in all their day-glow, the Seven Magic Mountains are a wonder to behold. Look out for the black and white sign that provides some background information on the art installation and the man behind it.

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S Las Vegas Blvd

19.7 miles south of Mandalay Bay
5.3 miles north of Terrible's Hotel & Casino in Jean, Las Vegas, NV

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