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Dixie National Forest

Dixie National Forest

Dixie National Forest is one of the most scenic natural destinations in southwestern Utah. The vast park covers an expansive area in the southern part of the state, straddling the Colorado River and the Great Basin.

The forest’s proximity to national parks and monuments makes it a place of great diversity.

Dixie National Forest, Camping, Hikes, Campground & Trails Map, Utah

The forest is divided into three geographic zones, each with a key plateau and elevation levels. The geographical zones include the Aquarius, Markagunt, and Paunsaugunt Plateau regions. This also explains the diverse extremes the forest exhibits across the three zones. With extremely high temperatures during summer and freezing temperatures during winter, the forest’s remarkable changes allow the growth of different plant species.

From desert plants at low-level elevations to junipers, pinyon pines, and spruce trees at higher elevations, touring the Dixie National Forest is a nature lover’s dream come true. In addition to exploring, there are many activities to enjoy in the forest.

The Dixie National Forest is home to excellent hiking trails – many of which cover different terrains. Experienced hikers enjoy high alpine areas, while the slot canyons are perfect for a day trip’s activities. Box Death Hollow offers excellent opportunities for hiking and solitude for hikers who want to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Ashdown Gorge and Pine Valley are idyllic locations to enjoy solitude and horseback riding for visitors who would like to get the most of the wilderness. Big game hunting is also a popular activity at Dixie National Forest. Look out for mule deer and elks, as both species are spread across the forest’s range.

Anglers get to enjoy fishing at the forest’s numerous rivers. Gamefish include brown trout, brook, and cutthroat species. Since these water bodies are an important habitat for other animal species, they also allow for bird watching, wildlife viewing, and nature photography.

Camping sites are also available at Dixie National Forest with more than 26 campgrounds and five picnic sites. The developed camping sites have amenities such as potable water, washrooms, and showers. Reservations may be made for group camping sites with options that include sites at Enterprise Reservoir, Panguitch Lake and Navajo Lake.

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