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Coconino National Forest

Coconino National Forest

The Coconino National Forest is a 1.8-million-acre forest that surrounds Sedona and is one of the region’s most diverse forests.

Its expanse means that the forest contains varied types of landscapes – a perfect location for the nature lover.

Coconino National Forest, Best Hikes, Camping Fee & Trails Map, Arizona

These landscapes vary from the alpine tundra at high altitudes to the arid desert in the southwest, the pine forests at Ponderosa and the iconic red rock formations at Sedona. The park is categorized into three sections, including the Mogollon Rim district, the Flagstaff District, as well as the Red Rock District.

The Mogollon Rim District is located along the Mogollon Rim and borders the Colorado Plateau. The rim is a stunning geologic feature that is characterized by ponderosa pine forests interspersed with tiny lakes and streams. This section of the forest is ideal for picnicking, boating, bird-watching, hiking, and horseback riding. With numerous camping and cabin options, this part of the Coconino National Forest makes for a great weekend getaway.

The Flagstaff District is home to the highest peak in Arizona, which is one of the mountains of the San Francisco Peaks – Humphreys Peak. This mountainous landscape boasts lava fields and incredible underground lava tubes. Walnut Canyon is a remarkable geologic feature whose beautiful canyon walls are a sight to behold. Visit the pueblos and walk in the footsteps of the district’s original inhabitants.

The Meteor Crater is also worth checking out. This meteorite impact site is well preserved, and it gives visitors a chance to catch a glimpse of the wonders of nature. The world-renowned tourist attraction features a Discovery Center, outdoor observation trails, as well as an indoor viewing experience. Other attractions in Flagstaff District include the Grand Falls, the Riordan Mansion, as well as the Lowell Observatory.

Red Rock District in the Coconino National Forest lies close to Sedona. The district is filled with canyons, mesas and rock formations for which it is named after. One of its most notable attractions is Cathedral Rock, which is a stunning natural feature that is loved for its hikes and views. Other popular attractions include Devil’s Bridge, Oak Creek Canyon, and numerous picnic sites.

Coconino National Forest is a magnificent destination for nature lovers visiting Arizona.

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