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Floyd Lamb Park

Floyd Lamb Park

Floyd Lamb Park is an oasis of abundant green tucked away in the sprawling desert scenery of Las Vegas. In a city whose natural features include palm trees and desert landscape, this park is a welcome break from the bustling metropolis.

It is an idyllic destination for anyone who would like to soak up in the park’s serenity.

Floyd Lamb Park, Fishing, Bike Trail & Pump Track Map, Las Vegas NV

Located about 25 minutes from the Strip, the expansive park is an enchanting oasis. The popular attraction has existed for years and is today one of Las Vegas’ most fabulous non-gaming destinations. This breathtaking park boasts verdant vegetation, spectacular views, tranquil lakes, and the wonderful wildlife species that call it home.

Visitors exploring the park can set out to discover the charm of the four amazing ponds. Fishing lovers will appreciate the fact that the ponds are stocked with rainbow trout, and best of all, fishing is allowed at any of the ponds for those with a Nevada fishing license. Note that the number of fish is limited to three per person for conservation.

Nature walks at Floyd Lamb Park are peppered with sightings of ducks, geese, and stunningly beautiful peacocks that love to display their radiant colors. In addition to these, the park is also home to the historic Tule Springs Ranch.

This magnificent ranch gives visitors a glimpse into the way of life of the early ranchers who lived in the region. It is interesting to note that the ranch is among the best palaeontologic sites in the western region of North America. Millions of years ago, prehistoric mammals often roamed the region, which explains the fossilized remains of extinct mammoths, camels, horses, and giant sloths that have been found at the site.

In the years that followed, the region served as a ranch that was noted for its excellent alfalfa, healthy cattle, and various vegetable varieties. Some functional buildings used back in the day are still present till this day!

Floyd Lamb Park is a perfect place for a family picnic and weekend getaway.

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Summer (April­ - September): 8am - 8pm
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Entrance Fees
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