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Las Vegas Escape Rooms
Las Vegas Escape Rooms

Las Vegas Escape Rooms

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Las Vegas escape rooms provide the ultimate escape experience for thrill-seekers to channel their inner Sherlock Holmes.

The escape rooms are not your average role play adventure in Vegas; they are an immersive experience that involves solving riddles and puzzles before you can enjoy your freedom.

Las Vegas Escape Rooms, Scary & Kid-Friendly Experiences & Prices

On arrival at the venues, pick a location, a theme, and grab your team for the adventure of a lifetime. Teams are typically made up of six persons, and look out for the different themes that characterize the escape rooms and choose one that matches your personality. Ideally, most escape rooms have common themes, such as escaping from prison or solving a crime.

Whichever the case, each room has a peculiar set of challenges. With about an hour to make a break for it, this is the chance to overcome challenges and solve puzzles.

There are many escape rooms to choose from across Las Vegas. Start at Escape Reality and experience the thrill of this real-life game in any of the themed rooms, which includes ‘District Zero,’ ‘Enigmista,’ ‘Iron Kingdom,’ as well as ‘Jungala.’ Alternatively, go for ‘Alcatraz’ and plot your escape from this maximum high-security prison. Escape Reality is open to friends, families, group parties, and corporate events.

Escapology is also home to some of Las Vegas’ most intriguing escape rooms. From solving a murder at ‘Mansion Murder’ to weighing up your options on whether or not to join a drug cartel at ‘Narco,’ there is so much to enjoy at Escapology. Other game rooms include ‘TH3 COD3’ for tech-heads, the ‘Cuban Crisis,’ as well as ‘Budapest Express.’

Other escape rooms in Las Vegas include ‘Rush To Escape,’ ‘Escape or Die,’ ‘Escape Chambers’, as well as ‘Lockdown Escape Rooms.’ The latter is found at two locations: Sahara and Highland locations.

Remember to take your A-game with you for this exciting adventure right in the heart of Las Vegas.

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