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Las Vegas Ghost Town Tours

Las Vegas Ghost Town Tours

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Las Vegas ghost town tours are an exciting way to explore Nevada’s rich history and picture the years gone by in the Old Wild West. This is an unforgettable adventure for the whole family because before Nevada rose to become the entertainment hotspot it is today, many people moved there in search of gold.

It is these mining towns that would later be abandoned and become prime attractions for visitors who love historic ghost towns.

Las Vegas Ghost Town Tours, Gold Mines Around Nevada & Arizona

Step into the Wild West with a tour of El Dorado City, which is one of the most popular ghost towns. El Dorado also stands out because it is the oldest gold mine in the vastly scenic canyon landscape. A tour of the mining town gives visitors a glimpse into the town’s activities in its hey-day. Gold was first discovered in 1775, but it took almost a century for the gold rush to take effect.

One of the most intriguing aspects of touring El Dorado is the fact that murder was a common way to manage disputes in those days, as different stakeholders fought for a share of the mines. Walk down the mining tunnels and envision life as it was for the miners who called the town home back in the 19th century. & There are several operators who offer tours to El Dorado City, and it is advisable to make an early reservation when possible.

Chloride is another perfect destination for ghost town tours. This silver mining town experienced a boom in the 1870s, and history has it that it featured more than 70 mines! Walking down the main street evokes a sense of nostalgia. Look out for the quirky stalls that sell a wide range of yard art pieces.

Explore Gold Point and marvel at the story of how a mining town that was once bustling with activity became the lonely ghost town it is today. When you visit Gold Point, be sure to spend a night at the restored miner’s cabins to get a feel of how the miners would have lived. Visit the old saloon and numerous historical buildings, and there are great opportunities to go hiking.

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