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Las Vegas Jetpacks
Las Vegas Jetpacks

Las Vegas Jetpacks

Las Vegas jetpacks are the perfect way to beat the Vegas desert heat during your vacation. Ideal for water sport enthusiasts after the next adrenaline surge, jetpacks provide the ultimate thrill.

The compact personal jetpacks are still a futuristic concept, but this does not stop visitors from enjoying one of the city’s most thrilling water experiences.

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For anyone who does not mind getting a little wet, then the exciting water-powered flying fix is just an hour’s drive from the Las Vegas Strip. The Jetpack facility is tucked away at the Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club, which is a delightful getaway that has all the amenities you would expect of an exquisite resort.

From the stylish accommodation to the excellent dining, well-fitted gym, and luxurious spa, the resort has just about everything needed for an unforgettable holiday. Add to this the eight-acre freshwater lake where all the jetpack action is at, and it is easy to see why the resort is in a class of its own.

Once you have settled in for your holiday, proceed to the private lake to enjoy the experience. The jetpack is powered by the pressure that comes from a tube of gushing water – usually from a jet ski nearby. This power propels jetpack pilots up to 30 feet in the air, at speeds of more than 25 miles an hour! This wet and wild adventure is as exciting as it is thrilling!

Perhaps the best part about this is that no prior experience is required for the jetpack adventure. Visitors will get a safety briefing before soaring in the jet-powered device. The experience lasts anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes – a worthwhile time to experience the adrenaline rush that it provides.

Lake Las Vegas is yet another great destination to enjoy Las Vegas jetpack experiences. Located about 40 minutes away from the city, the adventure begins with a 10-minute overview session, which includes learning how to lift out of the water and recreate the different maneuvers. At the lake, visitors get to choose from morning or afternoon packages, making it easy to plan you itinerary.

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