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Las Vegas Race Car Tours
Las Vegas Race Car Tours

Las Vegas Race Car Tours

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Las Vegas race car tours are specially designed for the thrill-seeker looking for adventure amidst the city’s popular landmarks and attractions.

As the name suggests, these tours revolve around adrenaline-packed race car driving for the ultimate experience.

Las Vegas Race Car Tours, Exotic Supercar Driving Experience & Rental

One of the things that make Las Vegas well suited for these adventures is the sheer range of race car experiences on offer. Book a tour at Dream Racing, which is one of the renowned operators that take pride in providing the largest and fastest selection of your dream sports cars. This five-star driving experience offers different packages to cater for different preferences.

Sign up for a race car tour at Exotics Racing, where visitors have the chance of a lifetime to take on exotic cars and push the beasts to their limits. Whether you choose to drive a Ferrari on the racetrack or sit in the passengers seat of a Corvette, you can be certain to enjoy the ultimate driving experience.

Before driving on the track, visitors are provided with a brief instruction session before they can ride along and lastly, get behind the wheel. Other exotic cars available for this experience include an Aston Martin, Lamborghini, as well as Mercedes.

Enjoy the exotic sports cars at Speedvegas, which is an exciting experience that brings to life your race car fantasies in some of the world’s renowned exotic car makes. These include Lamborghini, Ferrari, Shelby Mustang GT, as well as Porsche.

What’s more, visitors can choose to customize their experience so that instead of paying for the packages per car model, you can build your own combo adventure and save. This award-wining experience is definitely worth signing up for, with its excellent professional guides and great customer service.

Race car tours in Las Vegas are incomplete without visiting the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This expansive complex includes multiple tracks well designed for motorsports racing.

Wherever you choose to enjoy a Las Vegas race car tour, you will be spoilt for choice with the numerous options available.

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