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Las Vegas Walking Tours
Las Vegas Walking Tours

Las Vegas Walking Tours

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Las Vegas walking tours are a fulfilling way to explore the city and enjoy its different landmarks and attractions. What’s more, these tours are engaging, affordable, and informative – easily the best way to explore a new city.

One of the advantages of taking a walking tour is that it accommodates couples, solo travelers, families, and even groups taking the adventure together.

Walking Tours Las Vegas, The Strip & Downtown Food & Attraction Trails

Las Vegas Walking Tours is a popular company that offers walking tours in the city. The operator takes pride in taking visitors on a journey to see attractions that they’d likely never see in a car. It is a whole new perspective of the city as your guide shares information about the city’s remarkable past. So whether you want to jump in and interact with other visitors on the tour, or prefers to sit back and soak in the city’s views, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Las Vegas Walking Tours features two unique tours: the Downtown Las Vegas to Fremont Street, as well as Fremont After Dark. The former tour is sometimes referred to as the ‘Past to Present’ as it goes back in time to the city’s humble beginnings right before it became the magical destination that it is today.

The Fremont After Dark Walking Tour is a fun and fascinating activity, with the two-hour guided tour gives visitors the chance to witness the city’s dazzling neon lights that it is famously known for. Add to this the sparkling signs, the lavish casinos, and the outlandish party scene, and it is easy to see why Las Vegas is an entertainment capital in every sense of the word.

Other popular walking tours that visitors can book include the Arts District Walking Tour, Chinatown Walking Tour, as well as a Nightclubs tour for the avid partygoer. Additionally, there are shopping walking tours that combine the best of retail therapy with walking for a memorable experience.

Depending on your preferences, walking tours within Las Vegas can also be self-guided. This involves planning what attractions to see and where to go, for which a Las Vegas map would come in handy.

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