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Arden is one of the communities located in Clark County, and which makes up part of Enterprise.

The community is located approximately 11 miles from the heart of the Las Vegas Strip and is one of the rapidly growing areas in the region.

Arden Hotels, Resorts, Apartments & Shopping Map, Enterprise, NV

The community’s history dates back to 1905 when the railroad station was named Arden, which was a plush estate in New York and in honor of the railroad’s owners. A year later, the railroad station was used as a key shipping point, after which the first post office was established.

In the years that followed, the discovery of gypsum deposits led to a construction boom, which slowly declined and eventually led to the closure of the gypsum plant. Today, Arden is a vibrant unincorporated community that is home to a diverse group of people.

It is interesting to note that this neighborhood has the highest population of people of Asian ancestry across the country. The community also has a significant percentage of Tagalog-speaking residents, a language that is native to the Philippines.

Arden makes for a great place to stay and explore the rest of Las Vegas. There are several hotels to choose from, many of which offer great conveniences and budget-friendly options for visitors looking to save some money.

The Grandview at Las Vegas boasts a spacious condominium suite that comes with a Roman bathtub and doubles sinks. There is also a full kitchen from where visitors get to prepare meals. Other amenities provided include a washer/dryer, pool area, fresh towels, and BBQ.

The Highland Inn is also worth checking out while in Arden. The traditional old-fashioned motel mainly attracts an older clientele, but for what it’s worth, it provides a great experience in the neighborhood. The inn is located close to the truck stop but is suitable for many travelers. Other hotels include Silverton Casino and Hotel, as well as The Berkley Las Vegas.

Staying at Arden also provides an excellent base for visitors who would like to explore the Las Vegas Strip. Key attractions worth checking out include the ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign, the Fountains of Bellagio, and the Eiffel Tower of the Paris Las Vegas.

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