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Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond is a small town in Clark County, with a history that dates back to the early 1920s when gypsum mining was a principal economic activity in the area.

One of the gypsum mines was bought by the Blue Diamond Corporation of California.

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In the years that followed, the company began manufacturing operations on-site, before starting the company town in 1942. Cottonwood Village, which is located in the town, changed names to Blue Diamondville, and finally, Blue Diamond as it is known today.

Today the former mining town is a spectacular mix of old residents and nature lovers looking for a quiet neighborhood away from the bustling Las Vegas Strip. The town also includes a park area, a delightful city pool, an event hall, as well as a gas station.

The general store at the gas station is one of the most enduring landmarks in Blue Diamond. The store was first built in 1942, and at the time, stocked household goods to the residents who worked at the nearby mines. It is interesting to note that the store has since maintained its original exterior.

A casual walk inside the store reveals the town’s deep heritage, with the store’s walls containing photographs that tell the town’s history. Most of the old photos are provided by the Blue Diamond Historical Society, a volunteer organization that seeks to preserve the town’s heritage.

One of the town’s highlights is the Cottonwood Station eatery, a rustic place that provides the quintessential Blue Diamond experience, with a sharp contrast between the contemporary design of the eatery and the laid back town is reminiscent of old western movies. The eatery also has public restrooms that serve cyclists and travelers exploring the area.

Blue Diamond also lies close to the Red Rock Canyon, a popular outdoor destination for adventure seekers. It is popular for sightseeing, rock climbing, horseback riding, as well as cycling. It is common to spot hikers taking on the rough terrain – a good number of who pass by the town for its warmth and charm.

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