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Moapa Town is a laid-back town located within Clark County in Nevada. The valley in which this quaint town is located is aptly known as the Moapa Valley.

The town, alongside Overton and Logandale, are all located within the valley area.

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The town has a diverse geographical location that includes rivers, lakes, and mountains. One of the most prominent natural features is The Muddy River, which was formerly known as the Moapa River. The river cuts its course across the town, with its origins in the Warm Springs Natural Area before pouring its waters into Lake Mead.

Begin exploring the town by visiting the Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Located about 60 miles from Las Vegas, this wildlife refuge was established to protect the Moapa Dace – a type of fish that once thrived in the region around the Muddy River. The refuge allows visitors to view the endangered fish species through a stream viewing window.

Other fun activities to indulge in at the refuge include birdwatching, sightseeing and picnicking. The Loop Trail, which is a half-mile track, is a quite popular attraction too. The trail not only provides excellent views of the region, but it is also characterized by informational placards that give more insight into the region’s great biodiversity.

Enjoy a quiet walk by the Meadow Valley Wash, which is one of the streams that flow into Muddy River and an ideal place worth checking out.

Proceed to the Warm Springs Natural Area that is an oasis in the heart of the desert landscape. Home to more than a dozen springs, streams, and verdant green wetlands, this popular attraction is the perfect place to visit for the nature lover. Birdwatching is a popular activity at Warm Springs, and common sightings include Gambel’s quail, the great horned owl, as well as the American kestrel. The area also boasts a natural trail that cuts through the woodlands and provides the perfect opportunity to sightsee.

Other attractions near Moapa Town include Moapa Peak, Arrow Canyon Dam, and the Valley of Fire State Park. Visitors can also visit the nearby communities to learn more about the region’s rich history.

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