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Roach is a small area located along the Union Pacific railroad in Clark County, Nevada.

Located along the eastern shoreline of the Roach Dry Lake, the siding is right underneath the Beer Bottle Pass of the Lucy Gray Mountains.

Roach Hotels, Accommodation, Lake Mountains & Railroad Map, Nevada

The area is popular among off-road car enthusiasts – both expert and novice. With hundreds of trail miles between the Roach and Jean dry lakes, there’s lots of opportunity for fun off-road driving here. However, make sure that you only stay on designated trails.

For a safe time at Roach, it’s best to plan ahead. Bring along first-aid, warm clothes, water, food, and the tools you might need in the event your vehicle breaks down. Since it’s far away from town, it’s recommended to travel in groups and always let people know where you’ll be going.

It’s also good to note that the lake bed may be prone to flooding after rain, so take proper precautions. After rainfall, the lake bed is still capable of holding several feet of water, so traveling on it isn’t safe after it has rained.

The trails on the east and northern part will take drivers through the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Park and the McCullough Wilderness. Keep in mind that in these areas, it is not permitted to take motorized vehicles.

Roach promises fun and adventure with off-road driving; just be sure to follow the required protocols.

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