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Sandy Valley

Sandy Valley, sometimes referred to as Sandy Nevada, is located in Mesquite Valley of Clark County, about 45 miles from Las Vegas.

The town straddles the California state line to the west and is bordered by part of the Spring Mountains to the east.

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The town’s developments began at the turn of the 19th century, thanks to the establishment of different mining communities. Today, its small-town vibes make it the perfect escape from the larger and more vibrant cities in the state.

The route to reach the town is characterized by blue desert skies by day, and clear starry skies by night. Away from the light pollution that defines the neon-lit city of Las Vegas, nights at Sandy Valley provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy star-gazing. On a good night, it is easy to spot the Milky Way making this an exciting adventure for outdoor enthusiasts.

Some of the perks of living in rural Nevada include the ease of moving from one place to another. In this regard, Sandy Valley does not disappoint. In addition to its outdoor activities, the community boasts a school complex known as Sandy Valley School, a couple of churches, and a bar.

The Idle Spurs of Sandy Valley is a popular bar in the town, and for good reason. The bar’s excellent customer service, its fun-packed games at the horseshoe pit, and delicious meals make for a great treat in the heart of the town. A favorite for the locals, this charming bar is an ideal location to mingle with the town’s locals and meet new people.

Look out for the senior center that hosts regular events in the town. One of the most popular events is the weekend pancake breakfast, which is the perfect reason to indulge in a hearty breakfast and make some new friends.

A visit to Sandy Valley would be incomplete without stopping by at the non-descript collection of rundown buildings and abandoned tractors. At first glance, there seems to be nothing much here, but this represents the community’s first-ever settlement. It is a special place as it helps visitors appreciate the roots and heritage of Sandy Valley.

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