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Sloan is one of Nevada’s many unincorporated communities. It is located only 15 miles away from the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, which makes it the perfect stopover and quite a short distance from the world’s entertainment capital.

The town’s peculiar name was inspired by the abundance of limestone dolomite carnotite rocks.

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The town’s first settlers arrived in 1912. During this period, the town was known as Ehret, Nevada – named after the name of the first family to settle here. The name was changed to Sloan two decades later.

The town’s main attraction is the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area; an area that is best known for its many petroglyphs, which are unique forms of rock art that have been preserved over the years. Visitors will appreciate the stunning patterns and designs that were created by indigenous tribes during the pre-historic era.

Archaeologists who have studied the area suggest that the conservation area is home to hundreds of rock art panels and more than 1,500 specific designs. Due to the fragile nature of this art form, the precise locations of the petroglyphs are not announced publicly. Additionally, visitors are advised to appreciate the rock art and avoid accidentally damaging the sites.

In line with this policy, the following activities are prohibited at the Sloan National Conservation Area: camping, access using off-road vehicles, as well as shooting. In place of these activities, the conservation area permits hiking and cycling on its trails, which are also open for horse-riding. Visitors are advised to remain on existing trails to preserve the environment.

The area’s trailheads include the Dutchman Pass, the Hidden Valley, the Petroglyph Canyon, as well as the Hidden Valley. The Quo Vadis trailhead is accessible on the area’s east boundary, while Anthem Hills can be reached from the South Anthem side.

In addition to the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, the town is also home to the George W. Dunaway Army Reserve Center. The center was opened in 2015 to cater to military operations but is off-limits to the general public.

To get to Sloan, visitors can use the Interstate 15 South before taking exit 25 to reach the town. Click on the links below to explore a range of hotels and rentals in and around Sloan, NV.

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