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A Little White Chapel

A Little White Chapel

A Little White Chapel in Las Vegas has, for a long time, been a popular spot for lovers to exchange their vows in the neon-lit city.

Its popularity has been attributed to the many quick celebrity weddings that have been held at the chapel.

A Little White Chapel, Wedding Packages & Drive-Thru Hours, Las Vegas

Some of the celebrities to have held their weddings at the chapel include Frank Sinatra, Britney Spears, Eva Longoria, Pamela Anderson, and many more. Today, couples get the chance of a lifetime to schedule their wedding and take advantage of the services provided by the chapel and the iconic drive-thru tunnel of love.

At A Little White Chapel, couples get to choose from any of the five stunning decorated chapels, the outdoor gazebo, or the legendary drive-thru. This is, without a doubt, the best place to get married in Las Vegas. The choice of five chapels includes the Green Room, the Little White, MJ Chapel, Crystal, L’Amour, and Promises.

The gazebo is perfect for outdoor ceremonies, while the Chapel L’Amour is perfect for weddings with large parties where everyone is invited. The Crystal Chapel is specially designed for couples who prefer a small intimate ceremony, and the MJ Chapel popular with couples renewing their wedding vows.

The Little White Chapel boasts a romantic atmosphere where lovers are enchanted by traditional wedding music and the lovely fragrance of fresh blooms. Add to this the different packages available, and it is little wonder that this is a preferred wedding venue for many. Some of the packages available include The Lover’s Package, the Honeymooners, and the Biker Special, among others.

One of the most popular packages is The Drive-Thru Wedding from the comfort of your car. Inspired by the need to cater for those with mobility difficulties, the drive-thru option has since become a unique novelty. This ceremony is inclusive of a romantic ceiling, complete with spectacular starlights and beautiful cherubs.

A Little White Chapel also offers options for a tailor-made ceremony complete with unique twists with the Pink Cadillac packages for Vegas-style royalty.

Whatever your kind of wedding, celebrate it at the best Las Vegas chapel!

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Wedding packages range from $50 for the Gazebo Ceremony and up to $1215 for the Love is in the Air package

Note that the minister's fee is not part of the prices. Minister's get paid by cash donations provided to them by the couples. Minister's envelopes have suggestions of $40-$100, however, it's at your discretion

Photos, DVDs & engravings, gown & tux rental, bouquets and accessories, mementos & souvenirs are available to purchase

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