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A Wedding Chapel In Las Vegas

A Wedding Chapel In Las Vegas

A Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas gives couples the chance to enjoy a beautiful and stress-free ceremony.

The chapel’s incredible resources help put together an unforgettable event alongside a full assortment of add-ons to cater to different preferences.

A Wedding Chapel In Las Vegas, Wedding Ceremony & Renewal Packages

This chapel takes pride in ensuring that couples do not feel rushed, and most importantly, schedule ceremonies in good time so that every couple has the time to savor the moment. Add to this the professional photographers, and it is easy to see why this is a top wedding destination in Las Vegas.

From traditional wedding ceremonies to grand vow renewal celebrations and everything in between, A Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas does not place a limit on what it helps couples achieve on their big day. The Simple Ceremony is an affordable option for couples looking forward to a simple, yet elegant ceremony. This package includes digital photos of the ceremony, as well as a witness and wedding coordinator.

The Beautiful ceremony is an upgrade that includes a full photoshoot, video recording, and a unity candle ceremony, among other perks. The Luxurious Ceremony consists of an aisle runner, live webcam, cake cutting ceremony, as well as the couple’s first dance to their favorite song.

Other wedding packages available include the following: the stunning, classy, and the complete ceremony. The latter is ideal for couples who do not mind splurging on a Vegas celebration. It includes a professional photographer, all digital images, videography services, red carpet treatment, and a two-tier cake cutting ceremony. This package offers a one-stop choice for all wedding needs.

Destination weddings are also available in some of the region’s top attractions, such as The Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, the Grand Canyon National Park, as well as an array of helicopter ceremonies.

Whether you would like to say your vows in the world’s entertainment capital, renew your marriage vows to the love of your life or simply experience the passion and thrill without a marriage, A Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas is the go-to venue.

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What are the A Wedding Chapel In Las Vegas opening hours?
What are the A Wedding Chapel In Las Vegas entry prices?
Wedding and renewal packages range from $100 for The Unique Ceremony up to $3,799 for The Grand Canyon Helicopter Ceremony

Digital Video Recording, Hair and Makeup Services, Webcam and more services available

Packages do not include Minister
Prices do not include sales tax and deposits are non-refundable
After-hours ceremonies will incur a surcharge

Please visit our website for more information on the A Wedding Chapel In Las Vegas.
What is the A Wedding Chapel In Las Vegas phone number?

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