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Akhob, By James Turrell

Akhob, by James Turrell

Akhob, by James Turrell, is one of Las Vegas’ hidden gems – a stunningly delightful art installation tucked away on the top floor of the Louis Vuitton store at The Shops at Crystals.

The city is best known for its glitz and grandeur, which perhaps is the reason why discovering this art gallery is pure serendipity.

Akhob, by James Turrell, Installation Louis Vuitton at Crystals, Las Vegas

James Turrell is a world-famous artist whose works come alive amid Las Vegas’ opulence and glittering neon lights. Art lovers will marvel at the artistry that this little gallery exhibits.

The gallery’s history dates back to 2013 when Louis Vuitton, the world-famous luxury retail company leased some space for the permanent installation of James Turrell’s works. The installation, whose name is drawn from an Egyptian word, means ‘pure water.’ The piece features circular openings that lead up to two expansive rooms.

These outstanding rooms are filled with rotating light that changes slowly – a feat for which Turrell became famous for. These unique installations are also referred to as ‘light fields’ or ‘ganzfeld’, terms that have earned the artist’s popularity across the world.

The purpose of these installations at Akhob, by James Turrell, is to provide the eyes with a relaxed experience bathed in some of the most vibrant colors. These colors shift with ease, almost seamlessly, one into another. This lasts a full cycle that spans just about 24 minutes.

One of the highlights of this experience is the intricate blend of colors that makes it almost impossible to locate the door you just one walked in from. This artistic experience is as immersive as it is enchanting, and perhaps the best part about it is that it is easily accessible, and entry is free! However, you must make a booking ahead of time, and slots can be filled weeks in advance.

On arrival, simply let the staff at the Loius Vuitton store know you are there to visit Akhob, by James Turrell. You will then be directed to the magical floor for an awe-inspiring experience. Viewing is limited to four people at any given time, but private parties of up to six people can be permitted.

They are open Thursday to Monday from 11:30am to 7:30pm (closed Tuesday and Wednesday). You are required to sign a three-page release form to enter and have to remove your shoes for the experience.

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