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Angel’s Landing

Angel’s Landing

Angel’s Landing is a popular hiking trail, and panoramic viewpoint tucked away within the Zion National Park in Utah. Located at the top of a giant rock formation, the viewpoint provides a panoramic view of the national park below.

From here, visitors get to enjoy one of the best experiences in America’s Wild West.

Angel’s Landing, Hiking Trail Map, Time & Length, Zion National Park

The gorgeous rock formation stands at 1,488 feet tall (453 meters), providing a unique opportunity for nature lovers and hikers exploring the national park. A trip to and from Angel’s Landing constitutes a 5-mile long hike, which is extremely popular with adventure-seekers from across the globe.

The route is equally strenuous and rewarding. The first section of the hike is a two-mile-long paved trail that leads up to the Scout Overlook. Scout Overlook is a perfect place to take a break, enjoy a snack, as well as soak in the stunning views before heading to up the summit.

From this viewpoint, the route to the summit can be unnerving – even for seasoned hikers. This is because individual sections of the trail are exposed, including a half-mile section with exposed ledges. There are chains on these parts of the trail that allow visitors to use the handholds, but this trail may not be suited for those afraid of heights.

At the top of the summit, hikers are rewarded with spectacular views of the Zion Canyon and beyond. Look out for the North Fork of the Virgin River as its waters make way down the canyon. It is almost impossible to miss out on the distinct green trees located on the river’s banks, helping hikers trace out the route of the river.

The terrain at Angel’s Landing is relatively flat, and this makes it ideal for some photography – a reminder of what it feels like to sit at the top of the world. To get back to the bottom, hikers simply retrace their steps.

Angel’s Landing is located 165 miles and roughly a 3-hour drive from Las Vegas using Interstate 15, making it a great overnight destination for a short trip away from the neon-lit city. Other attractions within Zion National Park include The Narrows, Emerald Pools, Court of the Patriarchs, the Canyon Overlook, the Zion Observation Point, the Temple of Sinawava, and the Weeping Rock Trail.

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What is the Angel’s Landing address?
Zion National Park
Grotto Trailhead - Zion Canyon
Zion Canyon Scenic Dr, Hurricane, UT

Please visit our website for more information on the Angel’s Landing.
What are the Angel’s Landing opening hours?
It's advised to hike during daylight hours only

Zion Canyon Visitor Center (Outside Information Desk): 8am - 7pm
Park Store: 8am - 7pm
Zion Canyon Wilderness Desk: 7am - 5pm
Zion Human History Museum: Closed
Zion Nature Center: Closed
Kolob Canyons Visitor Center: 8am - 5pm

Please visit our website for more information on the Angel’s Landing.
What are the Angel’s Landing entry prices?
Weekly Passes
Private Vehicle: $35
Motorcycle: $30
Non-Vehicle Per Person: $20

Please visit our website for more information on the Angel’s Landing.
What is the Angel’s Landing phone number?
What is the Angel’s Landing email address?

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