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Area 51 is a popular tourist destination that continues to attract visitors from all over the world, due to the numerous conspiracy theories, Hollywood movies, and the reported sightings of UFOs.

It truly is a legendary location, one worth checking out for anyone visiting Las Vegas.

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Area 51 is a military installation located in the Mojave Desert about 90 miles from Las Vegas, making it an ideal day trip. The most important thing to remember is that, while the public area is open for tours, the military installation itself remains out of bounds. There are stern warnings on the ground with armed guards patrolling the facility’s perimeter.

To enjoy the most of this experience, start you can book a guided tour from any of the Area 51 tour operators. Tours typically leave Las Vegas at 7am and travel along on the Extraterrestrial Highway, also known as Route 375. It is fascinating to learn that the highway was given this special designation, perhaps in cognizance of its purported extraterrestrial bodies! Do not miss the opportunity to pose for a photo with the Extraterrestrial Highway sign.

Proceed to Hiko and make a stop to explore the Alien Research Centre, which is a roadside museum filled with quirky objects and ‘classified documents,’ in addition to other interesting paraphernalia. This is an interesting location for history buffs.

After the museum visit, make your way to Rachel, which is a tiny quaint town that is home to less than 100 people! This is a popular rest stop for visitors heading to Area 51. It is well known for the Little A’Le’ Inn café that is as eccentric as a place could be. Strike a conversation with the inn staff and learn more about Area 51, as you sip your coffee and enjoy a freshly baked pastry.

From here, a dirt road leads to the gates of the famous Area 51 where its famous warnings exist for first-time visitors. It is a surreal experience, in part because of the mystery it elicits.

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