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Aria Fine Art Collection

ARIA Fine Art Collection

The ARIA Fine Art Collection was the first public space art collection in Las Vegas and a delightful destination for anyone interested in exploring the city’s works of art.

This collection showcases work by renowned artists, making it one of the largest corporate art collections globally.

ARIA Fine Art Collection, Paintings, Sculptures & Installations, Las Vegas

To put this in perspective, imagine wondering around and seeing just about every form of art everywhere you turn – from the hotels to the lobby area and even the walking paths! It’s a lot like walking through a large gallery that’s home to paintings, sculptures, and huge art installations.

To get a glimpse of just how diverse these art installations are, you will come across the vibrantly colored boats at the Vdara Hotel & Spa, the ‘Typewriter Eraser,’ as well as the art installation located at Crystals.

At the Vdara, look out for the ‘Big Edge,’ which one of the works of art that depict water vessels made of aluminum and stainless steel. These fascinating vessels offer a glimpse into how art intersects with the waterways for a visually immersive experience.

Head out to Crystals, which is a unique shopping destination whose amazing architecture, lush gardens, and board shopping selection gives it a cosmopolitan feel. For art lovers, the presence of a charming depiction that shows a mother loving her child in a warm embrace is impossible to miss.

Crystals is also home to Henry Moore’s work of art, popularly referred to as the ‘Reclining Connected Forms.’ Nestled among the trees, this sculpture designed using travertine marble is one of the highlights of the ARIA Fine Art Collection.

Take the sky bridge from Crystals Mall and make your way to Waldorf Astoria. It is here that you will spot the ‘Typewriter Eraser,’ which is a giant sculpture of a large scale typewriter eraser designed by Coosje Van Bruggen and Claes Oldenburg. This huge eraser is made of fiberglass, stainless steel, and paint.

Other forms of art of the ARIA Fine Art Collection include those found inside the buildings that most notably include Maya Lin’s ‘Silver River’ and Bolt, Bent of Mind, and Untitled – a work of art by Tony Cragg.

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