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Aria Wedding Chapel

ARIA Wedding Chapel

The ARIA Wedding Chapel offers an elegant and romantic wedding venue in Las Vegas. Tucked away in the city’s spectacular architectural landscape lies this sleek chapel that’s perfectly suited for a grand wedding.

The chapel’s design boasts a contemporary style that is complemented by the plush décor. The use of metallic hues accentuates the chapel’s luxurious feel, providing the perfect setting for a chic wedding.

ARIA Wedding Chapel, Packages & Receptions Prices & Cost, Las Vegas

The lounge’s chapel is bathed in natural light and features a modern finish for the idyllic wedding venue. The chapel has a seating capacity of up to 60 guests, but couples who plan to host a larger wedding have the option of holding the ceremony at any of the other venues across the ARIA Resort. These include the stunning art gallery, the poolside area, as well as by the fireplace at the spa. The water wall is also a popular option for parties that exceed the chapel’s capacity.

Explore the perfection that ARIA is all about with its array of packages. These include the Allure, Seduction, Desire, and Fantasy packages, all of which couples are required to make bookings. Prices range from $1,250 to $23,600, depending on a couple’s preferences.

The ARIA Wedding Chapel offers services such as wedding coordination, professional photography, reception services, and an officiant for the ceremony. One of the highlights of these services is the limousine transportation from the hotel to the Clark County Marriage Bureau, in true ARIA-style. For those who opt to stay at the hotel, additional amenities include luxurious spa treatments, romantic décor, as well as delightful food and beverage options.

For the couple, the bride can enjoy the outlandish vanity section, while the groom gets to savor the delight of a private game lounge. Both rooms are connected to the chapel for easy access when the ceremony begins. Additionally, the chapel includes streaming services so that the couple’s guests who couldn’t make it can get the chance to follow the ceremony online.

The ARIA Wedding Chapel is located within the ARIA Resort & Casino, on the first floor of the convention center. Valet parking is provided at the resort.

An ARIA wedding is truly an unforgettable experience!

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What is the ARIA Wedding Chapel address?
ARIA Resort & Casino
1st level in the Convention Center
3730 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

Please visit our website for more information on the ARIA Wedding Chapel.
What are the ARIA Wedding Chapel opening hours?
Please call the Wedding Chapel to speak to a Wedding Coordinator regarding available dates

To view the wedding chapel, please email us at [email protected]

Please visit our website for more information on the ARIA Wedding Chapel.
What are the ARIA Wedding Chapel entry prices?
Wedding and renewal packages range from $1250 for Together Forever – Vow Renewal package up to $23,600 for the Lily Sage All-Inclusive package for 55 Guests

Please visit our website for more information on the ARIA Wedding Chapel.
What is the ARIA Wedding Chapel phone number?

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