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Banger Brewing

Banger Brewing

The Banger Brewing Company is a perfect tourist destination for anyone who loves a good beer and is interested in the process of craft brewing.

Known for its popular craft beers such as Perfect Ten, DTB, and the Hop Culture reference, Banger will be worth your while.

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Banger Brewing Company is aptly located in Las Vegas, a city that is renowned for the highest consumption of alcohol per capita in the country. As such, beer lovers are right in their element here, with tours being an excellent way to learn how the craft beer is brewed, and the different ingredients that are added along the way.

All you need to do is simply sign up for a free guided tour of the facility. Note that for anyone to participate, they must be 21 years and older, and each tour is limited to eight people. There is the option of larger group tours, but these must be made early by emailing the company.

To tour the Banger Brewing Company, simply sign up on their website by choosing an available date and time on the website’s calendar. At the time of booking, you must also include the ‘Number of Book Items’ to indicate the number of people in your group.

In addition to the tours, you can also sign up for the events held on location at Banger Brewery. These events range from anniversary events to local shows, themed nights, and comedy for a laugh-filled event. Best of all, most of the shows often include happy hour pricing! Make sure you check out the food menu and enjoy the best of both worlds while at Banger.

The brewery was founded by five friends whose vision was inspired by Las Vegas’ vibrant party scene. The casino industry is actually what brought the five together, and what started as a restaurant has since morphed into one of the city’s most fantastic breweries.

Banger Brewing Company is located on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas.

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Banger Brewing Tasting and Tour: $8.66 per guest

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