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Bliss Dance

The Bliss Dance Statue is a popular attraction located at The Park, which is located between the Park MGM and New York-New York.

The statue is a celebration of feminine energy, as captured by renowned artist Marco Cochrane.

Bliss Dance, Burning Man Statue & Sculpture, The Park Las Vegas

Marco worked on this iconic statue for a year and a half, capturing the essence of feminine energy and paying tribute to the Las Vegas party scene. Similar in design and thought to the concept of the Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert, this statue is an acute representation of the woman’s humanity.

At the time of designing the sculpture, Marcos purposed to challenge the viewer to see beyond the sexual connotation that has always been associated with the female body, and instead view the woman as a human being. In doing so, Marcos hopes to de-objectify the woman and challenge society to take a stand in ending gender-based violence.

It is easy to feel the energy carried by the statue of Deja Solis: her dance, with eyes closed, captures her joy, energy, and persona, even though it may not be safe for her to do so. Standing at 40 feet tall, the Bliss Dance Statue commands your attention, not just to see, but also to acknowledge this strong and bold woman.

The statue was made out of steel rod and is covered by a mesh of stainless steel. The statue is lit, both on the inside and the outside, with just a little under 3,000 LED lights. The lighting on the inside is a strong message for the woman that her strength comes from within. Additionally, there are tens of thousands of welds that hold the statue together, alongside 2.5-inch solid steel rods at the ankle.

It is no doubt that the Bliss Dance Statue blends the stoic, masculine feel of steel with the subtle and graceful spirit of the feminine form. In a city that is known for its hedonistic ways, the statue stands boldly, almost in defiance, as a moment in time when women are respected and can live without fear for their safety.

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