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Cape Royal

Cape Royal Drive is one of the Grand Canyon National Park’s most scenic roads.

The drive, which is located on the North Rim, connects the North Rim Entrance Road to Cape Royal with numerous scenic spots along the way.

Cape Royal Drive, Hiking Trail Map, North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park

The paved road takes its visitors through its amazing landscape with different flora and fauna. Look out for the Douglas fir, the quaking aspen, as well as the ponderosa pine trees that dot the route. Autumn is a favorite for many as the season brings with it the shimmer of the golden leaves in the forest, making the trip your magical.

The road reflects the beauty of the North Rim, and its numerous viewpoints make it ideal for a day’s getaway. The first stop, located five miles away from the start of Cape Royal Drive, and about three miles from the intersection, is home to Point Imperial. This is the highest point of the North Rim, and it presents a panoramic view of the canyon, with Saddle Mountain to its north.

Greenland Lake is located a few minutes’ drive from the road to Point Imperial. The lake’s unique name reflects its ever-changing state through the different seasons. Look out for the restored cabin on the southeast side of the lake, which once served as a salt store for the livestock that roamed the plateau.

About ten miles from the start of the Cape Royal Drive lies Encantada Picnic Area. This beautiful picnic area makes for a perfect stopover. Not only do visitors get to enjoy a picnic, but the area also offers stunning views of the canyon. Proceed to Roosevelt Point, named in honor of US President Theodore Roosevelt, for his efforts in preserving the national parks and the Grand Canyon.

Other scenic stops that you can make along the way to Cape Royal Drive include the Walhalla Point that overlooks the Colorado River, Cliff Spring Trailhead, Angel’s Window, as well as Cape Royal itself.

The parking area at Cape Royal marks the end of the road and leads up to the scenic viewpoint, which a rewarding experience for everyone who takes the 20-mile drive.

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What is the Cape Royal address?
Grand Canyon National Park
Cape Royal Rd, North Rim, AZ

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What are the Cape Royal opening hours?
The North Rim Season with full services is usually between May 15th through October 15th of each year

North Rim Visitor Center
Mon - Sun: 7am - 5:30pm

Please visit our website for more information on the Cape Royal.
What are the Cape Royal entry prices?
Weekly Passes
Vehicle Permit: $35
Motorcycle Permit: $30
Individual Permit: $20 per person

Entrance Fee-Free Days
Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
First day of National Park Week
National Park Service Birthday
National Public Lands Day
Veterans Day

Please visit our website for more information on the Cape Royal.
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