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Clark County Museum

Clark County Museum

The Clark County Museum is a fascinating attraction for visitors in Las Vegas, and especially for those who would love to get an in-depth insight into the region’s rich history.

Located about 20 miles from the famed Las Vegas Strip, this museum is the perfect stopover on your way to the Hoover Dam – one of the past century’s most amazing feats of engineering.

Clark County Museum, Heritage Street, Prices & Hours, Henderson Nevada

One of the first things that you will notice is that the museum is located in the middle of nowhere. It is tucked away in the vastness of the desert landscape, but perhaps that is what makes it such an amazing location.

The Clark County Museum is made up of two distinct parts: an indoor section that is home to numerous exhibits, as well as an expansive outdoor area with its charming historic homes. The outdoors is an interesting part of the museum. Strolling through Heritage Street almost feels like using a time machine to travel back more than a century.

The streets are lined with trees that provide a respite from the sweltering heat on hot summer days. You can’t help but marvel at the well-maintained lawns, with hopping rabbits adding to the beautiful aura of the museum.

There are five houses on location, all of which are fully furnished to reflect their respective era and were all built in the first half of the 20th century. Look out for the Beckley House, which was a California house located in downtown Las Vegas. At the time of construction, it cost just about $2500 – certainly a far cry from its present-day value.

There is also the Goumond House, which was constructed back in 1931. The house featured a mint green color scheme and a delightful interior that perfectly captured the style of those days. Other points of interest in the outdoors include the Candlelight Wedding Chapel, the Donald W. Reynolds Print Shop, as well as a fully furnished trailer home.

Explore the museum’s indoors and discover the ancient Native American times – from the mining days to the fashion of old and even ancient geographical features that defined the region.

Wind up your tour of the Clark County Museum by visiting the gift shop to get some souvenirs and memorabilia.

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What is the Clark County Museum address?
What are the Clark County Museum opening hours?
Mon - Sun: 9am - 4:00pm

Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day

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What are the Clark County Museum entry prices?
Free for members
Non-members: $5
adults: $2.50
children (ages 3-17)
Free for children ages 2 and under

Please visit our website for more information on the Clark County Museum.
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