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Cove Fort Historic Site

Cove Fort Historic Site

Cove Fort Historic Site is a historical rock site and popular attraction in Utah, located between Fillmore and Beaver Towns. Built back in 1867, the site served to protect travelers and telegraph lines along the route to Salt Lake City.

This safe stop provided accommodation, clean water, and food for tired travelers.

Cove Fort Historic Site, History, Address, Opening Hours & Map, Utah

At the time, the fort was run and managed by families that ascribed to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These families made the fort their home, leaving a legacy whose effects visitors can still feel today. A few decades after it was built, the Church established that the fort would no longer be needed by travelers plying the route, after which the property was sold and donated back to the Church.

In the years that followed, Cove Fort underwent restoration works before it was opened as a historic site. There are free guided tours daily, with missionaries provide insightful information about the historic site.

Look out for the restored Ira N. Hinckley Log Home, which was the residence of the Hinckley family at the time when the fort was built. Inside the quaint home, visitors get to watch a short film that highlights the construction process of the fort and the enthusiasm with which the Hinckley’s cared for travelers who made the stop here.

This historic site stands out because, unlike many western forts built of wood in the mid-1800s, Cove Fort was constructed using volcanic rock. This has contributed to its longevity as one of the few surviving forts more than a century later.

Take a tour of the fort and marvel at the re-creation of the operation rooms within. The Telegraph Office and the big kitchen played a crucial role in preserving the telegraph lines and caring for the travelers.

Other features worth looking out for at the site include the bunkhouse, lush gardens, the blacksmith shop, and the barn – all of which showcase different facets of life at the fort.

Amenities available at Cove Fort Historic Site include grassy areas, shaded picnic tables, and public washrooms. Stopover at this historic site and take a walk back in time to enjoy an experience like no other.

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