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Drai’s After Hours

Drai’s After Hours

Drai’s After Hours offers an intriguing Vegas experience for party lovers looking to make the best of their stay in Sin City.

One of the best-known clubs for after-hours fun, Drai’s offers an exceptional night adventure for the typical clubber in Las Vegas.

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Located at the underground section of The Cromwell, Drai’s After Hours is easy to spot thanks to its flashy gold elevator. It is not possible to miss this entrance, thanks to the presence of a curvy woman dressed in a red dress on the lift.

A pioneer of the late-night party, Drai’s provides an exclusive getaway to wrap up the night and welcome in the day in style. The underground lounge offers an intimate setting, which coupled with the club’s four rooms, is a memorable way to see Vegas in action late at night. The four different rooms boast two distinct music styles so that guests get to choose what they would like to hear. The two genres are lively hip-hop and House/electronic for EDM music lovers.

The lounge area is expansive, and at 13,000 square feet, it offers plenty of space to dance the night away. Whether you would like to enjoy the dance floor or prefer sitting back on the cozy leather couches, Drai’s After Hours will have you spoilt for choice. Take advantage of the 55 elegant bottle service tables and two full bars to enjoy your favorite drink.

This great spot also boasts vintage-inspired décor, animal-print at the plush booths, and great works of photography. By the time the party winds down at Drai’s After Hours, it is likely that the sun has come up to usher in a new day in Vegas. The club remains open up to 10am – the perfect treat for the diehard party animal.

Admission charges apply for all, with higher rates during special events and big holidays. Drai’s After Hours is open from Thursdays to Sundays, between 2am and 10am. Peak hours are usually between 2:30am and 3:30am, so it helps to arrive a little earlier for a& quicker entry time.

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Cover Charge
Females: $20 - $50
Males: $30 - $75
Females Guest List: Free
Males Guest List: Discounted Admission

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