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Exotic Driving Experiences

Exotic Driving Experiences

The Exotic Driving Experience is an adventure of a lifetime that gives visitors the chance to drive exotic and muscle cars in Las Vegas.

In a city that is famed for its hedonistic ways, this exotic driving experience is a welcome break.

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At the heart of this experience is the chance to drive any of three exotic cars on a scenic 30-mile stretch that showcases the undulating Nevada landscape in a memorable manner. From straight stretches to twisting and winding roads that take you through the iconic Lake Mead National Park, there is something for every driver to enjoy. The best part of this adventure perhaps is the fact that you can go along with a friend for the ride of a lifetime.

In case you are wondering what exotic cars these are, think Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, and Porsche. Other options for this driving tour include the Audi and McLaren. As the only on-road driving experience across Las Vegas, there is plenty of reason why car lovers should sign up for this thrilling exotic experience.

Muscle Car Driving tours are the epitome of the American car racing experience. These exciting tours last 2.5 hours and are the perfect way to add an adrenaline rush to your Vegas vacation. Some of the options available here include the Dodge Challenger Scatpack, the Camaro, as well as the Shelby Mustang GT350.

The ultimate package from the Exotic Driving Experience is the multi-day tour package. This exclusive experience is a rally-style adventure like no other. With elegant hotel accommodation provided, your vacation is set to be a delightfully indulgent experience from beginning to end.

Some of the highlights of these tours include several supercars, the option of tagging along with a friend, an inclusive fine dining experience, as well as hundreds of kilometers of enchanting roads. Bookings are required for this package, with those interested can make an inquiry online.

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