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Flamingo Wildlife Habitat
Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat is a tranquil paradise tucked away in Las Vegas and is one of its most scenic attractions.

The enchanting habitat is located at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino and is spread across the verdant 15-acre grounds that are home to the numerous species of fish, turtles, and exotic birds.

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat, Pelican Feedings, Location & Hours, Las Vegas

At the habitat, visitors have the chance to get up close and personal with the diverse fauna. As expected, one of the lovely types of birds that live in the habitat are the flamingos, after whom the resort and casino is named. These lovely pink birds are a sight to behold as they bring the habitat’s different colors to life.

While the flamingos are the most recognized bird species here, there are other fascinating creatures to look out for. Take time to watch the exotic ducks too, and you will have a new-found respect for the resort’s ecosystem that has been designed to sustain life in this manner. One interesting fact about these birds is that the male ducks are romantics in nature.

The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat also features placards that offer more information on how these lovely birds charm their females, in what is perhaps the most insightful part of the tour. From raising their feathers to woo the females to intense bathing of feathers, these male ducks are quite the experts at attracting their mates.

A trip to the habitat is incomplete without encountering the many swans that live here. These swans stand out for the simple reason that they contrast sharply with the popular white swans. When the swans were first transported from Australia, it was widely thought that they had to have been dyed to have such a black coating!

Other notable birds include the guinea fowl and the sacred ibis. Among the birds, you will also come across the Japanese koi, and the Albino channel catfish – both loved for their vibrant colors. During summer, you will find the turtles on the edges of the pond.

Wind up your tour by strolling on the walkways and marveling at the wonderful waterways. Make a point of attending one of the daily presentations to learn more about the different species here.

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