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Fremont East Entertainment District

Fremont East Entertainment District

The Fremont East Entertainment District is a popular attraction in Las Vegas – a quirky entertainment area that brings to life the city’s party scene with a twist.

It stands out because it presents vintage Vegas with a contemporary touch.

Fremont East Entertainment District, Neon Signs, Bars & Dining, Las Vegas

This entertainment district is quite unlike the typical Vegas party, which explains why you will come across lounges and bars here that you are not likely to find anywhere on the Strip. So change out of your expensive nightwear for jeans and a tee and get comfortable.

Make your way to Vanguard Lounge and enjoy any of the creative cocktails it is known for. If you love watching people, take up a spot near the big windows at the lounge’s entrance. Alternatively, drop by at Beauty Bar. As the name suggests, this establishment resembles a salon but is actually a stylish retro party spot that promises an unforgettable night adventure.

Need a break from the norm of Vegas clubs? Pay a visit at ‘Don’t Tell Mama,’ which is an amazing piano and karaoke bar that combines the best of live music, socializing and drinks. With no gambling on location, you can be sure to love the chance to sing your heart out every night.

Ever gone to a bar where the seating arrangement is designed to surround a fireplace? If not, make sure you go to The Griffin Bar. This bar brings to life the hipster style, creating an inviting ambiance for its patrons. With affordable drinks, great selection on the jukebox, and two great fireplaces to sit around, this is a must-visit for a relaxed night out.

Fremont East Entertainment District is located between Eighth Street and Las Vegas Boulevard, with free parking on Ogden Avenue and Seventh Street.

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