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Gold And Silver Pawn Shop

Gold and Silver Pawn Shop

The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop is one of Las Vegas’ most interesting attractions, mainly because the shop is the home of the reality TV hit show on the History Chanel.

Since its debut in 2009, the popular and highly-rated show has made the shop a must-visit with more than a thousand visitors daily.

Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, Tour, Address, Location & Hours, Las Vegas

Depending on when you visit the shop, you may find a queue awaiting entry to buy an item or just the opportunity to spot any of the show’s stars. The team on the show, popularly known as Pawn Stars, includes Rick Harrison, Corey (his son), and Austin “Chumlee” Russell. Since opening the shop in 1988, it has grown in leaps and bounds to the must-visit attraction that it is today.

It is also interesting to learn that when it first featured on TV, all that Rick wanted to do was to get a small popularity boost for his business. Little did he know that the show would grow wings of its own and be watched in more than 100 countries across the world!

The team still makes time to go to the shop, so if you are lucky, you may just spot any of your favorite stars. The best thing about visiting the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop is that even if the Pawn Stars themselves are not on-site, there is still a lot to learn and even buy!

The shop is packed with many unique items and an array of antiques to suit different preferences. Art lovers will immediately be drawn in by works from world-renowned artists like Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. The shop is also home to rare jewelry and a myriad of quirky items that you would not ordinarily find in the average shop.

What’s more, the shop itself has a rich history as its beginnings can be traced back to 1934 at what is now one of the city’s oldest buildings. Walking through the shop feels like stepping back in time to explore the different items.

If you love any of the items, make sure to purchase it then and there as there is no way to tell how long an item will last – one of the fun parts of visiting the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.

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Su - Thu: 9am - 7pm
Fri & Sat: 9am - 8pm

Pawn Window for selling is open 24 hours a day

Closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving

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