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Grand Bazaar Shops

Grand Bazaar Shops

The Grand Bazaar Shops, located outside Bally’s Las Vegas, make for are an exciting shopping destination.

With its location on the Las Vegas Strip, the variety of shops and restaurants continue to attract visitors in their numbers all year round.

Grand Bazaar Shops, Shops, Restaurants, Hours & Parking, Las Vegas

The two-acre retail venue is located at what is arguably the busiest intersection in the state, making it accessible for very many people in Las Vegas. One of the most exciting things about the center is that it is the only open-air mall of its kind where all window shoppers can enjoy the activity in peace.

With its vibrantly colored canopies right above the stores, shopping at the Grand Bazaar Shops is an immersive experience. When dusk falls, the canopies are bathed in an array of neon rainbow lights that bring the mall to life. Visit the mall between 9pm and midnight and marvel at the Swarovski Starburst light, which is a dazzling 4,000-pound display suspended above the store. This ambiance makes shopping at Grand Bazaar Shops a delightful experience.

The good news is that the shops are home to both local and global names, providing shoppers with an extensive range of products. For apparel, Black Clover is the go-to store, which is a lifestyle company whose tag line is to ‘Live Lucky’& – that perhaps describes the spirit of Las Vegas.

Make time to visit TAC 702 Boutique, which has on sale both men’s and women’s clothing, including casual and athleisure wear. Other stores that stock apparel include Superdry, CYB, and Rock Cinema. To complement your personal style, visit Sutra Beauty Bar for the perfect daytime or night-time look. The Tokyo Nail Art Bar will also be worth your while.

It is almost impossible to think about a trip to the Grand Bazaar without including the dining options. From the world-famous fried chicken that Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken is known for, to fresh pizza from Giordano’s and Turkish kebabs at Istanbul Mediterranean, there is something for every palate to enjoy.

The Grand Bazaar Shops is home to live entertainment on select days, so check ahead to get the most of this Vegas experience.

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