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Grapevine Canyon

Grapevine Canyon

Grapevine Canyon is a phenomenal attraction located at Nevada’s most southern tip, close to the popular casino town of Laughlin.

This rugged canyon may not boast the grandness the Grand Canyon, but what it lacks in terms of greatness it makes up for as being the largest petroglyph site in the region.

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What this simply means is that the Grapevine canyon holds a ceremonial significance for the local tribes that have lived in the region for thousands of years. This is evidenced by the intricate designs located on the granite cliffs and giant boulders. Most of these designs are of abstract form and typically include nets, grids, shields, spirals, and parallel lines.

There are a handful of off shapes, with a closer look revealing that a number of the designs are engravings of animals. Two ubiquitous forms of animal designs are reflective of the deer and the bighorn sheep, with the occasional snake.

History has it that Grapevine Canyon may be the ritual location where shamans on a vision quest entered mythic space-time to reenact the cosmic creation. Additionally, it is thought that the site may have been used as a summer solstice observation point.

The first most noticeable aspect of the canyon is the verdant plant growth of the canyon, which lies in sharp contrast with the immediate environment. Go hiking up the trail, and after a short distance, visitors are treated to the sighting of desert spring. The presence of this spring is not only a welcome relief for many of those exploring the surroundings; it is also a source of water for the animals around.

Grapevine Canyon is easily accessed using NV State 163. Follow the signage until you come up to an unmarked side road that leads to the canyon.

Exploring the Grapevine Canyon leads up to the Spirit Mountain, whose peak marks the highest point in the Newberry Mountain Range. The canyon is a perfect place to experience the beautiful rugged outdoors of the region.

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